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Medigold is a leading medical travel company that offers patients adapted and affordable medical treatments. We take pride in securing a highly experienced team of doctors and health professionals to deliver excellence throughout the clinic. With more than 19 years of experience in the hair transplant market, our variety of hair transplant and implant services have changed the lives of thousands of patients and given them more self-confidence.

Employee Health & Safety

Medigold has established OSGB in order to provide occupational safety services.

Since 1999

The Medigold Group celebrates 19 years in the field of private health services.

Hospital Medigold Sultan

In 2016, the sultan of Medigold Hospital was established by innovative and reliable health services.

We use advanced and proven technology.

Medigold Health Group, which started out in 1999 has grown over the years and has been operating with 3 joint-stock companies. Today Medigold has made a difference in the sector with the value it gives to people and has taken its place among the preferred health institutions of the region.

Our state-of-the-art, modern medical devices have made the diagnosis and treatment available. Medigold Health Group has created a butterfly effect and gained commercial mobility in the region.

Passionate. Professional. Qualified.

The Medigold Incentive

Our mission is to empower the international & domestic patients by giving them a technology-based platform through which they can compare and make an intelligent choice for their various treatment needs along with travel and accommodation as a single booking counter.

Multilingual Team

Our educated staff speak several languages ranging from Turkish, Spanish, English and Arabic to experts in the field of hair restoration and hair transplantation.

Let Medigold supply all of your health needs and desires.

As a fully comprehensive specialized clinic, Medigold covers hair transplants, cosmetic surgeries and dental services which are some of the most popular procedures among medical tourists.

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